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Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is a behavior addiction and disconnects people from participating in relationships and the world around them. Excessive gaming, social media, and general overuse of technology produces similar reactions in the pleasure system of the brain as substance use and has been proven to increase feelings of depression and anxiety. This is an avoidant behavior often numbing deeper negative emotional experiences. We partner with Reset Summer Camp – a fully immersive 4-week clinical program for teens and young adults. We provide group and individual therapy throughout the detox process and help our clients begin to process past trauma and current overwhelming emotions in order to motivate them to create a more balanced lifestyle.

In individual therapy, we focus on coaching clients through the digital detox process while bringing awareness to the underlying factors that have led them to develop these unhealthy habits. Once awareness has been developed, those negative experiences can be processed and we can begin to restructure the balance of daily responsibilities and activities.