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Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are provided through teletherapy. We will explore thoughts, behaviors, and their outcomes. Therapy is intended to raise self-awareness, problem-solving abilities, and time management skills while identifying unconscious beliefs with the goal of understanding as a source of healing first and foremost. We will work together to create a growth mindset through motivation and resilience that will heal old scars, promote love for yourself and for the world around you. Individual therapy can significantly improve your quality of life through offering you a deeper insight into your own subconscious. 


Life (or personal development) coaching sessions are provided through teletherapy. We will work together to identify and develop short and long term goals as well as common obstacles, and strategies for overcoming them. The focus of coaching is to improve relationships, careers, and personal satisfaction and provide a safe space to increase motivation and reduce stress about making these life improvements. Coaching is different from therapy, as it does not address underlying psychological issues, instead focusing directly on what actions can be taken to get you closer to the goals you set for yourself. 

Educational Services

IEP consultation includes advocacy throughout the IEP process. We will work together with the educational team to create appropriate IEP goals, accommodations, modifications, behavior plans, counseling, and other related services. This tailored approach will focus on providing support and elevating the student’s individual strengths in order to better, and most efficiently, set them on the right path to achieving personal and educational success.

Specialized academic instruction can also be contracted and delivered via teletherapy outside of the general classroom if preferred. 

Reentry Workshops

Psychoeducation-based wellness workshops are customized for formerly incarcerated students that are currently enrolled at a California community college. The workshops will provide support through the reentry process through guidance on overcoming the challenges they may be presented with as they reintegrate into the workforce and society at large as well as hosting a safe space for open discussion. The workshops will provide resources and promote thinking about how they can take the practical work and learning undertaken during their incarceration and channel it towards their professional life.

Workshops can be presented either in-person or virtually, reducing barriers to attendance and participation. The workshops cover an array of themes and change with the times. Below are themes from past workshops:

• Mindfulness and Meditation

• Restorative Practices: Building Community

• Identifying Personal Motivation and SMART Goals

• Redefining Meaningful Occupation